Tip- Locate the electrical panel. The panel should have a clear access path to it. Verify the panel has a secure cover with all screws in place. The panel should be secure and should not be inset more than 1/4” in a wall. There should be a main breaker that can cut power to the entire box. If the panel was manufactured prior to 1984 and does not have a main breaker, there should be no more than six throws (switches) to cut power to the entire panel. Next, check to make sure all spaces are filled or covered. Any open spaces should have a filler plate installed to prevent accidental contact with the buss bar and electric shock . 220 amp breakers with two pulls should have a bar connecting them together. Breakers should be labeled for locations they power. Wires entering the box should be protected by a grommet or wire clamp as they enter the box to help prevent the metal from cutting through the wire insulation and causing potential shock or fire hazards.


Breaker Panel Missing Filler Plates
Breaker Panel Missing Protective Grommets