Exterior House Spring Checklist

    Roof Check for debris sitting on the roof. Debris can cause damage to shingle and water to back up. Check for deteriorated, torn, missing, or

Sump Pumps

Tip- Locate your sump pump. The pit should be securely covered to help prevent a fall hazard or debris or animals/bugs from getting into the

Basement Walls: Water Damage

Tip- Start by walking the basement and looking at the walls from ceiling intersect down to the floor intersect. On unfinished walls look for water

Floor Joist

Tip- Walk/Crawl through the area looking at the floor joists. Look for joists that been notched out on the bottom side or that have holes

Foundation Issues

Foundation Issues Tip: Walk around the exterior of the house looking at the foundation for cracks or patched cracks larger than 1/8”, shifting at crack

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